Our Teaching Staff

鈴木 聖二プロフィール

小学生の頃買ってもらった7番アイアンでゴルフに興味を持ち始める。 中学生から本格的にゴルフを始めジュニア時代から数々の試合に出場経験を持つ。明治大学に進学後も体育会ゴルフ部に所属し主将を務め、自身の大学を優勝に導く。


その後植村啓太に師事し、K's Island Golf Academy代官山スタジオに活動の拠点を移す。






中島 凌 プロフィール

Golf Teaching Professional, AUS GTF

13歳の時にオーストラリアに留学、ACミラン傘下のサッカーチームに所属し、サッカーと共にフィジカルトレーニングを学ぶ。その後、オーストラリアのゴルフアカデミーにてゴルフの技術、レッスンスキルを学んだのち、レッスンプロの資格であるAUS GTFを取得。

2017年に日本に戻り、K's Islandに参画。ゴルフレッスンの経験を積むと同時に、アメリカのゴルフフィットネス資格TPIを取得。



Language : English, Japanese



Profile: Alex Tiong

Golf Teaching Professional, PGA of Malaysia Tour Player

Alex believes that in today's society, it takes a lot more to be a high performance golfer than ever before. 
Everyone has his own swing, golf is not one swing fixes all. Due to a person's strength and flexibility, they will have different swings and distances. 

With his knowledge and experience as a touring and teaching pro, he focuses on finding the most suitable swing path for you to hit the most efficient andconsistent golf shot. 'Never too late to learn, you will never regret it.'


Language : English, Mandarin


Profile: Michele Low

Golf Teaching Professional, Taiwan LPGA Tour Player


Michele believes that everyone has the ability to play the game. She focuses on providing a clearunderstanding and image of the golf swing to you in order to help you achieve your goals.

According to her knowledge as a touring professional, she strongly believes that knowing your body and how the swing works for you is very important and here she is to help you in every way to keep the ball on the short stuff!


Language : English, Cantonese, Mandarin, Malay 



Profile: Thomas Low

Golf Teaching Professional, PGTA of America

His coaching ethos is that we are all individuals, having differences in lifestyle, physical abilities, experiences, time and the goals we desire.
He focus on providing the student with a clear and concise understanding of their golf swing finding out how they l

earn to create a positive learning environment.

Thomas believe that knowledge is useless without the ability to translate it to the stu

dent: “Listening and communicating are at the core of my teaching.”

Language : English, Cantonese, Mandarin, Malay



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