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Our privacy policy

Membership rules and disclaimer

Admission Requirements
1. Individual who wish to join our academy shall agree to the purpose and the membership rules of this academy.

2. Our academy retains the right to refuse membership to individual such as organized crime group member and those who might interfere with other member's academy life. We also retain the right to withdraw membership.

Use of facility and accident
1. Members shall use this academy's facilities in a coordinated manner with other member at his/her own risk.

2. K's golf academy accepts no responsibility or liability for any loss or injury except in cases where the loss or injury was due to intention or gross negligence on the part of this academy. This rule will apply to any trouble which occurred between members.

Members may withdraw from this academy, notice one month before and by the first day of the month. Members are responsible to pay the fee unless this academy accepts the withdrawal and members shall pay the full annual membership fee for the current term.

Renewing membership
Memberships are valid for one year from registration date. After news of the update, members who have failed to notify us their will to renew or withdraw the membership within 2 month, members renewals will not be extended.

Personal information
Any personal information you provide will be strictly handled by K's Island Golf Malaysia Sdn Bhd based on corporate ideal to propose a comfortable golf style to clients. We think it is our obligation to take necessary and proper measures to maintain clients' private information.

-- K's Island Golf Malaysia Sdn Bhd --
-- Chairman of board of directors: Keita Uemura --

1. The gathering of personal information will be done reasonably and used only for the purpose of providing service and notification to the user.

2. If there is an important change in our privacy policy, we will provide notice of material changes on our homepage.

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Privacy Policy
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